We’re excited to introduce the latest piece to our Home collection, made in collaboration with Merrythought bears in the UK. These bears are adorable heirloom pieces, made with Magee Weaving tweed, and come with a wonderful history.

“We wanted to work with Merrythought because they have similar values to Magee 1866,” says Charlotte Temple, fifth-generation family member and Director of Design. “They’re a family-owned business based in England. All their bears are handmade there in their factory, and made to last, which is important to us.”

Since 1907, Merrythought have been crafting artisan bears with their own unique designs. Their team of teddy bear makers use traditional methods to craft their bears from start to finish in their famous Ironbridge factory, using blends of mohair, alpaca, silks, cottons and other wool. Like Magee 1866, they’re a fourth-generation family run business and take pride in putting out a top-quality product.

For our Magee 1866 x Merrythought bears, our design team chose a selection of our best quality tweeds, designed and woven at our weaving mill in Donegal. Our Magee bears feature all the signature looks of a Merrythought classic, with fully jointed arms and legs, a satin ribbon, and velvet details.

See more of Glen the Bear as he travels around Ireland. Follow #wheresthebear to see his adventures on social media!

Photos of Merrythought via Caters News, by James Ward

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